The Plucka Duck Lotto is one of the Prize Machines in A Run Through History, to use the Plucka Duck Lotto, you must earn at least 50 Plucka Duck Coins, which are available through Daily Missions, however, they are extremely rare to get from the daily missions. Any characters from expired bundles that you missed are included in this machine.

Plucka Duck Lotto Prizes Edit

Late Australia Edit

Celts Edit

Spain Edit

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China Edit

Godzilla Edit

Bavaria Edit

Latin America Edit

Late 20th Century Edit

Russia Edit

South East Asia Edit

Africa Edit

USA Edit

Early 20th Century Edit

Bundles Edit

South of the Equator Update Edit

  • The Eight Immortals Bundle
  • Vitamins Bundle
  • St Patricks Day Bundle

Spain Update Edit

  • Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Bundle
  • 100 Years of Communism Bundle
  • Roman Poets Bundle
  • Gamera Bundle

19th Century Update Edit

  • Plastic Ono Band Bundle
  • Millers of Samoa Bundle
  • Chilean Coup D'Etat Bundle