All the music for the characters and worlds in A Run Through History

Music Edit

Egypt Edit

  • Traditional Egyptian Music (All Characters)

Alexander's Empire Edit

Space Race Edit

  • The Soviet Anthem (Russian Characters)

Russia Edit

  • Moscow (All other characters)
  • Cheburashka's Theme (Cheburashka)
  • Blue Headscarf (Klavdiya Shulzhenko)

The Pacific Edit

  • Polynesian Music (All Characters)
  • Goodnight Kiwi (Goodnight Kiwi)

Sports Edit

  • Hand in Hand (Hodori)
  • Reach (Izzy)
  • Power of the Dream (Other Characters)

Late 20th Century Edit

  • Man in the Mirror (Other Characters)
  • Barbapapa's Theme (Barbapapa)

Those Cubans Edit

  • Cuban National Anthem (All Characters)
  • Chan Chan by Compay Segundo (Musicians)

Late Australia Edit

  • From Little Things Big Things Grow (Other Characters)
  • In Come the Dollars (Dollar Bill/Trumpet Player)
  • Mortein Jingle (Louie the Fly/Classic Louie the Fly)
  • I Like Aeroplane Jelly (Classic Bertie and Aeroplane/Bertie the Aeroplane)
  • Life, Be In It (Norm/Norm's Wife)
  • It's Time (Gough Whitlam)
  • We're Happy Little Vegemites (Cyril Callister)
  • The Vitamins Jingle (Vitamins Bundle)
  • Bunnings Jingle (Bunnings)
  • Finally (Priscilla)

Godzilla Edit

  • Mothra's Song (All Characters)
  • Gamera Song (Gamera Bundle)

The Beatles Edit

  • Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (The Beatles)
  • Yellow Submarine (Other characters)
  • Give Peace a Chance (Plastic Ono Bundle)