Lord of Sipan is a Hardcore figurine part of the Incans collection

Description Edit

Covered in Gold !

Appearance Edit

Lord of Sipan is a Lord with a red and gold face. He also wears a gold headdress and two gold earrings. He wears three necklaces and has white and blue armbands. He also wears a decorated white and gold tunic.

Behavior during Gameplay Edit

When playing as Lord of Sipan, the environment changes to that of the archaeological dig. The skeleton of the Lord and the two warriors become obstacles

How to Unlock Edit

To Unlock Lord of Sipan, you must play as Supay and collect 25 skeleton pieces and at the end, a gold headdress. Once this is done, Lord of Sipan will be unlocked.

Trivia Edit

  • Lord of Sipan is part of the 'Burials' set which unlocks Psusennes I

Gallery Edit