Classic Bertie the Aeroplane is a Rare figurine part of the Late Australia collection

Description Edit

"Flying Saucers" become obstacles

Appearance Edit

Classic Bertie the Aeroplane is a pink-ish plane with a large ring representing a propeller. He has a french flag like tail and two blue and white wheels. He also has blue rings under his wings

Behavior During Gameplay Edit

When Playing as Classic Bertie the Aeroplane, jelly on plates become obstacles in the world. He also flaps his wings and instead of flying, he jumps with his wheels.

How to Unlock Edit

To Unlock Classic Bertie the Aeroplane, you must play as Bertie the Aeroplane and find and collect 50 Aeroplane Jellies scattered around the world

Trivia Edit

  • The description states "flying saucers" because in the film where he originates, the flying jellies are called flying saucers

Gallery Edit